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Rescue Work

Once in a rare while, we have the oportunity to work with rescue/foster dogs.  


It is very uncommon to have a Bernese Mountain Dog as a rescue or shelter dog.  Responsible breeders will always care about the puppies they produce, and be willing to be a part of a good support system for the owners of their puppies.  


We are always willing to take one of our puppies back, and keep them until they are able to be rehomed to a safe, happy forever home.  We have NEVER had this happen, all our Happy Berner families have been wonderful and adore & spoil their furbabies, but we are willing to help with fostering or rehoming any Bernese Mountain Dog, if possible (not limited to pups we produced).  


Our pups health and safety always come first, but we love the breed, and are willing to help make sure EVERY Bernese Mountain Dog out there gets to have a happy life!

Thor {Atlanta rescue}

Thor was an 18 month old Bernese Mountain Dog that a rescue picked up near Atlanta.  The breeder was unknown, and the rescue worked primarily with Huskies, but Thor was such a striking, healthy, beautiful dog that they quickly took him in.  We had no connection with this dog or the rescue, but a friend of the rescue knew our names, and that we raised berners, so suggested our names to the rescue as someone who might be able to assess Thor's adoptability.  


The rescue brought him to us, and we volunteered to foster him.  We worked on basic training with him, and fostered him for 2 months while the rescue sorted through applications from great prospective families, and Thor was adopted.  



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