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Alpine Mountain Meadows Miss Dakota


August 2010-November 2016

   Koda was our very first Berner.  She was always a gentle guardian - protective of our family, and sensitive to each person's emotions.  She always knew when someone was sad or scared or worried, and no matter where in the house she was, she would come find the person, and rest her head gently on their lap, watching them with her soulful eyes.  


   Koda was our own little "Nana" dog, like the dog on Peter Pan!  She listened patiently to new readers, snuggled on the floor for movie time, and was always close by, just in case someone needed her.  When someone was sick, she maintained a respectful distance, but kept close watch, and would whine if she felt there was cause for concern.  She was big, brave, but had her own personality too!  She was always the first family member to sneak into the master bed during a thunderstorm, trying to seem like she was checking to make sure we were okay ... although really, she hoped to get some reassuring snuggles!

   We loved Bernese Mountain Dogs before we got Koda, but after she came into our lives, we couldn't imagine life ever feeling complete without this tender, loving, loyal breed as a part of our family.  The love, joy, and loyalty of a Berner is incredible!


   Koda passed away on November 19, 2016.  She had developed a tumor that ruptured, and there was nothing that we could have done.  We will miss her everyday, and are heartbroken that she had to leave us, but are so incredibly grateful for every moment we were able to have with her!  Though she's passed over the Rainbow Bridge, we will always treasure our beloved Koda-Bear as part of our family ... and see her again, since all dogs DO go to Heaven!

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