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AKC Happy Berners' Karma Comes Around

As a sweet, snuggly, happy girl, Karma is a very typical Bernese Mountain Dog … curling up on your toes, leaning into your legs, eager to obey and please, and wanting to always be close to her family.  She loves exploring with her family, meeting new people, and watching her favorite show "BBC's Top Gear". 

Karma has whelped 3 litters of puppies (2014-LitterB, 2015-LitterC, 2016-LitterD), and has been a great mama, and is an excellent grandma to puppies and children alike!  She's beautiful, energetic, sweet, and very affectionate!

Karma is retired from breeding, and is currently a healthy, playful and loving 8 year old pup.

BernerGarde 102133

* Status: Couch Potato Snuggler*

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